NCP is Poland is the honourable patronage of the 1st Visegrad Clusters Congress.

The V4 countries are among the fastest-growing EU economies, this is mainly due to the region’s industrial traditions but also to the labour costs still low compared to the EU’s western countries. The latest industrial revolution, called the Industry 4.0 revolution, poses challenges for countries that have so far competed with low labour costs. Automation, ICT, robotization, etc., reduces the advantage built on competitive labour costs. At the same time, enterprises of the V4 region belonging to cluster organizations most often represent the highest level of innovation and technological advancement in relation to the industrial average of the V4 countries.

This imposes on the Clusters and their organizations the responsibility for”pulling”other business entities into the most modern technologies and production methods. A significant part of clusters conducts its activity in innovative and high technology sectors that offer a huge space for cooperation and business connections.

We want to address the key challenges of the problems associated with the activities of clusters in the V4 region by organizing a 2-day meeting-due to the key role in the Industry 4.0 revolution of high-tech industries, the leading sectors of the project will be the following:

1. Aviation – Defence – Space

2. ICT

3. Biotechnology (including food and agriculture),

4. Electromobility

We will continue the discussions already launched at the”Clusters in the Visegrad Group-Challenges of the Future”conference,i.e. innovations in clusters (cooperation in the field of R&D within clusters) and cluster policies in individual V4 countries.

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