The Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange has announced the second edition of its Polish Returns Programme.

Call for proposals in the second edition of The Polish Returns Programme, which is addressed to Polish scientists working in HEIs around the world. The objective is to encourage the return of Polish scientists who have achieved scientific and didactic success in foreign scientific centres.

Who is entitled to file an application?

The Returning Scientist may be any person who: is a Polish citizen, received a doctoral degree before 31 January 2016and did not live or work in Poland between 31 January 2017 and the date of submitting the application.

The Programme is open to Returning Scientists representing all fields of science.

What activities are covered by the Programme?

This is the only grant offer for Polish scientists residing in scientific centres abroad, which gives them the opportunity to:

  • return to Poland to create their own project group (research team)
  • conduct research in Poland under optimum conditions or carry out developmental work on par with global standards
  • seek cooperation from specialists with international experience and knowledge in the field of the newest research trends in their scientific discipline through scientific units and research institutes

NAWA shall provide financing for projects carried out for a period of 36–48 months, in the maximum amount of PLN 2,270,000 for one project.

The call for proposals is open from 31st January to 7th May 2019. NAWA uses an online application process. Further details will be provided at the NAWA website: