TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION DAYS is the biggest and the most important conference talking about manufacturing, engineering and logistics solutions. National Contact Point for Research Programmes of the European Union is a partner of the event. 

We bring people with passion, experience and great knowledge to Poland. The conference aims to stimulate the imagination in terms of improving production from product design to final effect and logistics in production processes. Presentations will be based on a case studies! We will show real solutions that already exist and work. I attach a visualization of the venue to illustrate a part of what will be in September. Conference will be in two languages: english and polish. All presentations will be translated simultaneously.

Everything will be held in Lodz on 5-6 September 2018 and it is organized for 1000+ people. The organiser is the magazine “Polski Przemysł” – the leading media platform and industry magazine in Poland

 We have over 50 speakers including:

  • JB Straubel / CTO and Co-Founder of Tesla, who manages the technical direction and engineering design of the Tesla products including battery technology, power electronics, motors, software, firmware and controls
  • Kevin Ashton / Inventor of the “Internet of Things”and creator of the WeMo home automation platform. Co-founder & CEO of leading clean-tech startup Zensi.
  • Mirek Claßen / Head of Innovation at NowLab – BigRep & Co-Founder of
  • Jinsong Leng/ Professor and Director of the Center for Smart Materials and Structures at Harbin Institute of Technology

 In the case of production solutions, there will be such issues as:

  • mobile, AGV, cooperative, collaborative and industrial robots,
  • automation, cnc machines, integration of production lines and devices, digitalization of enterprises
  • implementation of industrial automation projects, machine building and optimization of production processes
  • industrial cybersecurity in production
  • industrial 3D printing, 4D printing and smart materials
  • welding equipment time monitoring on the example of implementations at REMAK. The system allows you to monitor welding parameters such as arc glow time, device operation time, current, voltage, wire feed speed and gas flow
  • automated and robotized processes of the flow of goods on the example of a company from the pharmaceutical Industry
  • laser marking systems and product identification
  • quality control using advanced 3D scanning systems
  • island production stations with AGV transport – production of individual series without downtime during production
  • augmented reality in the areas of maintenance, production on the example of steel structures and use in the offshore sector
  • modern predictive tools that support efficient machine park management
  • how to 100x increase ROI from investments in lighting infrastructure? – in production halls and logistic warehouses
  • we will show you how to support employees on production lines of factories on the example of using an exoskeleton
  • how to effectively introduce innovations in enterprises using the TRIZ method

In the case of solutions for the design department, there will be such issues as:

  • project data management based on PDM system and integration of CAD 3D / PDM environments with ERP
  • technical and design services on the example of DS Smith solutions
  • CAE systems for calculations and simulations
  • parametric design tools in 3D printing
  • AR / VR technology as a new environment in design
  • industrial design as a tool for building innovation and market advantage – a discussion block including with Bartosz Piotrowski / PESA, Marek Adamczewski / maradDesign
  • Generative Design – a design that mimics the evolutionary approach to nature
  • 4D printing and intelligent composite materials
  • prototyping in the development of mature companies

 In the case of logistics solutions, such issues as:

  • autonomous transport trolleys up to 2 tons – a practical application
  • Amazon Robotics – here it is not yet precisely specified topic but will be towards profitability and implementations in logistics centers and halls
  • automation and digitization of material flow processes – case study based on the example of the latest implementation at Novartis
  • What does it actually mean and how it can help your company? How to use blockchain to improve the transparency of the supply chain and traceability?
  • efficient and effective delivery service: elimination of paper documentation, reducing the number of mistakes made during loading and releases
  • KUKA Matrix: an installation that can automatically adapt to changing product types – production of individual series without downtime during production
  • EDI – improving cooperation between customers and suppliers throughout the entire supply chain
  • autonomous and intelligent transport and goods transfer based on the OMRON vision
  • transport of the future: electromobility IoT and transport of goods using the EUROLOOP capsule
  • the use of the AR / VR environment in logistics

Of course, this is only part of the topics that will be taken at our event.

Place of the conference: Hala EXPO Łódź


  • NETWORKING: Possibility to make contacts during meetings 1: 1 (application enabling arranging meetings with all participants)
  • A wide range of solutions for production, design and logistics based on a case study
  • The opportunity to listen to world-class visionaries and experienced practitioners in their fields (over 50 speakers)
  • Exhibition space, where you can see company solutions live

Attendees: 1000+ senior level executives and leading professionals discuss the most pressing challenges and solutions, technologies, trends and best practice innovations in the field of manufacturing.

Speakers & Moderators: 50+ experts and industry leaders share experiences, forecast trends, present their best practices, evaluate best-in-class projects and explain development in recent projects.

Networking: Multiple opportunities for networking invite you to meet and greet with those hard-to-meet executives in a relaxed and social setting.

The event is addressed to people from: management staff, specialists of medium technical staff and for companies cooperating with the production industry:

  • presidents, directors and business owners,
  • directors and managers of production, technical and maintenance departments,
  • directors and managers of R&D, design and quality control departments,
  • directors and managers of the logistics department and production planning.

Links to the agenda and the homepage of the website: