Research Infrastructure

In the last financial perspective (2006-2013) substantial amount of funds – EUR 4.1 billion – was allocated for the research sector in Poland, including for the development of research infrastructures (EUR 1,3 billion).

Moreover, the Research Potential action of the FP7 contributed to the development of research infrastructures in Poland. Ca 40 000 000 EUR has been granted to 13 Polish institutions. Considerable proportion of this amount was designed for purchase of world-class research equipment.

Investment in research infrastructures was also supported by funds from the national budget for research. Complete information about results of these activities is presented at the Ministry of Science and Higher Education website (in Polish).

The examples of research infrastructures already functioning or being in advanced stage, are indicated below.

  1. SOLARIS Synchrotron
  2. Clean Coal Technology Centre
  3. Center for Advanced Materials and Technologies – CEZAMAT
  4. Wielkopolska Center for Advanced Technologies
  5. Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure
  6. International Centre of Electron Microscopy for Materials Science
  7. Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center
  8. Bronowice Cyclotron Centre
  9. NanoBioMedical Centre

Strategic Tools

One of strategic tools to manage the whole investment exercise is the Polish Research Infrastructures Roadmap (in Polish) created in 2011 and updated in 2014.

The Roadmap includes 53 positions of which 23 are international projects (including connections with the ESFRI projects).

13 projects have already started. In the new financial perspective (2014-2020) a portion of structural funds has been allocated to support the implementation of the Polish Research Infrastructures Roadmap.