In the first half of March the Ministry of Education held consultations on higher education reform with foreign specialists. Poland has thus benefited from the opportunities offered by the Horizon 2020 Policy Support Facility (PSF).


Information about the visit of experts appeared on the Ministry of Science and Higher Education website on Tuesday. „The launch of the consultations is the result of the agreement between Prime Minister Jarosław Gowin and Commissioner for Research and Innovation Carlos Moedas” – reads the release.

Under the Policy Support Facility, a group of independent experts from countries with competitive and well-functioning science and higher education systems support the preparation of reforms in these sectors, according to the needs of the applying country.

According to the release on the Ministry of Science and Higher Education website, when preparing for the new Law on Higher Education, Poland expressed interest in structural changes in the field of science and higher education. This includes the diversification of universities, models of their evaluation, consolidation or restructuring, and career development of researchers.

Another area of interest are the relations between the higher education sector and the other players in the innovation system, as well as the internationalisation of the science and higher education sector.

Between 7th and 10th March, representatives of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, as well as researchers, academics, students and professionals, met in Warsaw to discuss the most important issues for the planned reform process.

As reported by the Ministry of Science, among the panellists were members of the Citizens of Science, the Central Council for Science and Higher Education, the Scientific Policy Committee, the Scientific Evaluation Committee, the Polish Accreditation Committee, the Central Committee for Degrees and Titles, the Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland, the Foundation for the Development of the Education System, representatives of the Science Section of NSZZ Solidarność and the Polish Teachers’ Union, as well as the Parliament of Students of the Republic of Poland and the Independent Association of Polish Students.

The second visit of the PSF panel in Poland will take place on 5-8 June. „The effects of the discussions and recommendations will be used in discussions on the final shape of the Law 2.0” – reads the ministry release.

Since 2015, under the Horizon 2020 Framework Program, the European Commission helps European countries to design and implement policy reforms in the area of research and innovation. Bearing in mind that each country is different and follows its own path of reform, PSF proposes expert peer support to European countries; one of its forms are peer reviews. PSF expert analyses have already resulted in recommendations for countries such as Bulgaria, Hungary, Malta, Ukraine, Moldova and Slovakia.

At the request of a Member State or Associated Country, the EC establishes a panel of high-level independent experts and practitioners from academia, industry and European governments who, on the basis of in-depth analysis of the national system, make concrete recommendations on the issues raised by the country.


(PAP – Science and Scholarship in Poland)