Network of National Contact Point

11 Regional Contact Points function within a network structure, which is coordinated by the National Contact Point for Research Programmes of the EU.

The Network’s team consists of many of highly experienced experts from major academic centers in all Poland. These remain in contact with their Local Contact Points, and Sectoral Contact Points in our country and with NCPs from other countries. Together, they offer a wide array of services, which includes support for potential beneficiaries, in the form of advisory and training services, assistance for individual scientists, institutions, enterprises and any other entities interested in participating in the Framework Programmes.

The staff of the network also has extensive experience with sectorial programs, building consortia, negotiation, preparation of project proposals, coordination and clearing formal, financial projects. This experience is used every day to the benefit of our clients.

The Network also provides legal advisory services, especially when dealing with intellectual property management, obtaining loans, participation in dedicated technology development programs and public-private partnership initiatives.

Regional Contact Point Network is funded by Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Network offer

Information activities:

  • meetings aiming to transfer the main information about the Framework Programme Horizon 2020, rules of participation, current calls and different possibilities of support for research and innovation,
  • seminars considering possibilities of acquisition of fellowships and undertaking a research job abroad as well as formalities necessary to complete during a longer stay outside of the country,
  • sharing of the promotion and workshop materials.

Training activities:

  • thematic workshops/trainings – e.g. about the rules in order to prepare a proposal and an application, financial and legal issues, IPR, project management and accounting, ability to use EC information portals,
  • dedicated trainings – tailored to the needs of recipients interested in specific issues regarding the possibility of participation in the H2020.

Mentoring activities:

  • multiple support activities of information, training and advisory character, fitted to individual needs and possibilities of particular groups defined in time and based on identification of their main fields of interests. The team’s aim is to reach the state of readiness to undertake an active participation in H2020 initiatives.

Consultantion activities:

  • individual consultations realized by phone, mail and directly during meetings about the programme Horizon 2020 considering different project ideas starting from the analysis of the potential, through writing a proposal, supporting in search of foreign partners till the realization and accounting of the project.
Coordinator of the NCP Network in Poland

Polish National Contact Point for Research Programmes of the EU

Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences
ul. Wawelska 14,
02-061 Warszawa
Infolinia +48-22-828-74-83

mgr inż. Małgorzata Kapica
tel. +48-828-74-83 w 07

Central Region (Masovian Voivodeship)

University of Warsaw, Office for Research Management

ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28, 00-927 Warszawa
fax.: +48-22-552-42-00

mgr Diana Pustuła
tel. +48-22-552-42-14, +48-22-552-07-43

Region of Lodz (Lodz Voivodeship)

University of Lodz, Rectorate

ul. Narutowicza 65
90-131 Łódź

mgr Jolanta Pacura
tel. +48-42-635-41-70
mgr Michał Kaczmarek
tel. +48-42-635-41-69

Podlasie Region (Podlaskie Voivodeship)

Bialystok University of Technology, Office for Development and International Programs

ul. Wiejska 45A, pok. 38
15-351 Białystok
fax.: +48-85-746-97-64


mgr Daniel Puch
tel. +48-85-746-93-37, +48-85-746-91-68

Southern Region (Małopolskie and Podkarpackie Voivodeships)

Cracow University of Technology, Center for Technology Transfer

ul. Warszawska 24
31-155 Kraków

Anna Armuła
tel. +48-12-628-26-60

Magdalena Wójtowicz
tel. +48-12-628-26-60

South-Western Region (Dolnośląskie Voivodeship)

Wroclaw University of Technology, Wroclav Center for Technology Transfer

ul. Smoluchowskiego 48
50-372 Wrocław
tel.: +48-71-320-33-18
fax.: +48-71-320-39-48

Katarzyna Banyś
 tel. +48-71-320-21-89
Elżbieta Olejnik
tel. +48-71-320-41-96

Northern Region (Pomorskie and Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship)

Gdansk University of Technology

ul. Narutowicza 11/12
80-233 Gdańsk

Renata Downar-Zapolska
tel. +48-58-347-24-12,


Magdalena Urbanowicz
Tel: + 48-58-348-66-48

North-Eastern Region (Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship)

University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn,

International Cooperation Office

ul. Oczapowskiego 2
10-719 Olsztyn
fax.: +48-89-524-04-94

mgr inż. Agnieszka Murzec-Wojnar
tel. +48-89-523-34-67

Mgr Mikołaj Zadrożny
tel. +48-89-523-34-67

North-Eastern Region (Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship)

West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin,

Regional Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer

ul. Jagiellońska 20-21
70-363 Szczecin
fax.: +48-91-449-43-42

dr Ewa Witoń-Morgiewicz
tel. +48-91-449-47-23

Silesian Region (Silesian and Opolskie Voivodeships)

Silesian University of Technology,

Center for Project Management, Office for European Programs

ul. Banacha 10
44-100 Gliwice
fax.: +48-32-237-24-50

Katarzyna Markiewicz-Śliwa
tel. +48-32-237-19-98, +48-32-237-20-92

Eastern Region (Lubelskie and Świętokrzyskie Voivodeships)

Institute of Agrophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences

ul. Doświadczalna 4
20-290 Lublin 27

dr inż. Andrzej Stępniewski
tel. +48-81-744-50-61 w. 169

Western Region (Wielkopolskie and Llubuskie Voivodeships)

Poznan Science and Technology Park, Adam Mickiewicz University Foundation

ul. Rubież 46
61-612 Poznań

Joanna Bosiacka-Kniat
tel.: +48-61-827-97-68