The European Commission has launched the new version of the EURAXESS portal which is now a platform for researchers, entrepreneurs, universities and businesses to interact with each other on a global scale.The new portal has some new functionalities which help searching for project partners and various collaboration opportunities for scientists, research institutions and companies.

There are the following opportunities for different groups of users:

  • Individual researchers can look for research job offers in Europe, funding opportunities, internship offers and, in the future, research related training resources in Europe. They can also upload their CV, aside from filling in the EURAXESS CV form.
  • European universities, research institutes as well as companies can continue to publish their job offers but also can post hosting offers for researchers, funded either from the European research programmes or from national funding sources, as well as other research collaboration offers in order to find partners for research projects or other initiatives.
  • Research funding organisations can add their grant or fellowship opportunities to the EURAXESS funding database.

All the above mentioned users can also subscribe to specific notifications in order to be informed of new job or grant offers, new researchers’ CVs or collaboration opportunities available. So go to, register your account or log in, if you already have one, and update all necessary profile information to use the different opportunities that the new EURAXESS has to offer.

If you have questions, contact Monika Zaremba from EURAXESS Poland: