EIT Raw Materials has the ambitious vision of turning the challenge of raw materials dependence into a strategic strength for Europe. Its mission is to boost the competitiveness, growth and attractiveness of the European raw materials sector via radical innovation and entrepreneurship. This KIC will integrate multiple disciplines, diversity and complementarity along the three sides of the knowledge triangle (business, education and research) and across the whole raw materials value chain.

Wroclaw Research Centre EIT + was designated as the so-called Eastern Co-Location for 30 partners from our geographical area. Apart from Polish Eastern CLC include partners from Germany and Austria as well as Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Greece and Romania. The expected impact of the project involves:

  • development of new innovativetechnologies and theircommercializationin the EU marketand global,
  • the creationof new SMEs,
  • adapting education to the needs of industry and the labor market and develop entrepreneurship among students and graduates.


Contact in Poland:

EIT Raw Materials CLC East sp. z o.o.
+48 532 517 603
Stabłowicka 147
54-066 Wrocław