Ministry of Science and Higher Education reinforces the Polish R&D sector and its participation in Horizon 2020 through various actions and funding. The flagship initiatives in this field are: Idea Plus Programme, Mobility Plus Programme and Granty na Granty. These instruments are designed to internationalize Polish science and encourage scientists to participate in Horizon 2020 projects.

Ideas Plus

The aim of the Ideas Plus Programme is to support and encourage Polish scientists to take part in calls for frontier research grants financed by the European Research Council (ERC). The Ideas Plus grants are awarded to those researchers whose applications for an ERC grant were highly appreciated by evaluators but not funded. Money can be used entirely or in part to fund research covered by the application for the ERC calls.

The announcements about open calls are made on the website of Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Mobility Plus

The Programme fosters participation in scientific research in leading international research centers under the supervision of outstanding researchers of international standing. Young researchers, including graduate students, have a chance of obtaining funding for a 6 to 36 months-long project.

The funding covers: cost of visiting and working in the research center of the researcher and his/her family, as well as the cost of their travel between home and the research center.

Granty na Granty

The Programme is designed to encourage Polish scientific organisations to reach out for EU funding. Thanks to participation in it, the scientists can improve the quality of their proposals. Funding is granted to organizations that take up the role of a project coordinator in an international research consortium. The funding can be used for covering the cost of preparation of the proposal, as well as other cost, as long as the proposal passed the required grade threshold. The laureates can receive the funding of up to PLN 30 000. The organizations that received funding to prepare their proposal, but have not been assigned with a grant can still apply for funding from GnG in order to improve their proposal.