The Foundation for Polish Science – the largest NGO providing competitive funds for science in Poland – invites scientists from all over the world, irrespective of their nationality, to respond to call for proposals in the wide range of programmes implemented by the Foundation and financed form the Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014 – 2020.

Grants for experienced scientists

The TEAM programme offers funding for research teams led by distinguished scientists. Pursued projects shall involve R&D programme enabling breakthrough scientific research of major significance for the society and economy. Projects must be carried out in cooperation with a foreign partner.

The aim of the TEAM-TECH programme is to fund research teams headed by distinguished scientists pursuing excellent and competitive R&D projects leading to development of new technologies, processes, and innovative products or services.

In both programmes applicants must be scientists holding at least a PhD degree. Funding is awarded for a period of up to 3 years (with a possibility of extension for a further 2 years). It is recommended that the project budget does not exceed EUR 900 000. Projects may be carried out in Poland at research institutions or enterprises or in scientific/industrial consortia.

The next call for applications in the TEAM and TEAM-TECH programmes will be announced in November 2017 with its deadline in January 2018.

Grants for young researchers

The FIRST TEAM programme offers funds to young researchers who want to launch their first team. The funding of approx. EUR 455 000 may be awarded for three years with a possibility of extension by one year. The projects may be implemented in research units, companies or scientific/industrial consortia.

The HOMING programme is addressed to talented researchers who want to come or return to Poland to pursue their research programmes. Under this funding stream, grants of up to EUR 180 000 will be awarded for postdoctoral-like internship projects. The financing may be awarded for two years. The projects may be implemented in research units or companies.

Researchers who interrupted R&D work at an early stage of their professional careers due to employment in another sector of economy or for parental reasons may apply for a grant of up to ca. EUR 180 000 in the POWROTY/REINTEGRATION programme. The projects may be implemented in research units or companies.

Funding under all the three programmes is available for young doctors (who have had a doctoral degree for not longer than 5 years) regardless of their nationality. Projects selected for funding must be implemented in cooperation with a scientific partner (domestic or foreign).

The next call for applications in the FIRST TEAM, HOMING and POWROTY/REINTEGRATION programmes will be announced in August 2017 with its deadline in October 2017.