Cyberus Labs introduces ELIoT Pro (Easy & Lightweight IoT Protector) – a game-changing end-to-end cybersecurity solution dedicated to all IoT networks and devices and funded under SME Instrument in Horizon 2020 programme.

ELIoT Pro is an extension of the existing Cyberus Labs’ user authentication system CYBERUS KEY that is the fundamental element for Human to Machine authentication and communication for ELIoT Pro.

ELIoT Pro joined the prestigious group of the most innovative European projects selected for funding from the SME Instrument (Horizon 2020) to complete development and bring the product to market as quickly as possible.

This is also a confirmation of the strength of CYBERUS KEY as a game-changing solution in user authentication for banking and fintech but also its potential to  become a global cybersecurity standard for IoT.

IoT networks currently suffer from a lack of security leaving them vulnerable to a wide range of cyber attacks.  Whether its rogue nations, theives or terrorist attcking vulnerable networks this is a global threat to everyone.   Smart cars and other IoT devices when hijacked by cybercriminals or terrorists may endanger human lives, or DDoS attacks using unsecure IoT devices bring down critical systems are a threat to us all. ELIoT Pro will provide security to IoT networks regardless of indstry, device, or communication protocol – ensuring safety of people world-wide.

Cyberus Labs CEO, George Slawek: “EU contribution will speed up ELIoT Pro’s development and time to market by a minimum of 18 months. We are delighted to receive EC funding for this critical project and to be recognized by the EC as an innovative cybersecurity company  – only 5%  of companies that applied for funding actually received it. It is also a strong confirmation of Cyberus Labs’ direction and focus on end-to-end IoT security solutions protecting networks, devices and data from hackers.”

Zafiro Solutions CEO, Michał Gzyl : “The new rules in the SME Instrument, which include pitching in front of the experienced VC’s and business angels, pushed companies to raise their game. Cyberus Labs is the first Polish SME that made a presentation in Brussels. And they did fantastic job proving that they are among the most innovative and promising European companies. We expect great future ahead of them.“

Cyberus Labs is the first and up-to-date the only Polish company selected for SME Instrument grant in 2018, since the new evaluation process with pitching in Brussels has been introduced. In total only 10 Polish SMEs became beneficiaries of  the SME Instrument since its start in 2014.

The Cyberus Labs’ team was selected to present ELIoT Pro to the European commission in Brussels and our success was due to the strength of the founding team, the innovative technology and huge impact on the IoT world.

The SME Instrument is a public funding programme that funds risk innovation in small businesses. It funds market-creating innovation in disruptive small businesses that have significant growth potential and global ambitions. Grant is given to the most innovative enterprises and the best-prepared projects.

Source: Cyberus Labs