Crystal Brussels Prize

The Crystal Brussels is an exceptional prize for the top performing and most active scientific institutions (universities, research institutes), enterprises and individual participants, who have been extremely successful in applying for funding from Framework Programmes.

The idea for the prize was born in the National Contact Point for Research Programmes of the EU, namely in the mind of Andrzej Siemaszko, who also came up with its name. It is higly respected both by the Scientific Community in Poland and by the EC.

The Crystal Brussels has been awarded in various categories, including higher education institutions, Polish Academy of Sciences, R&D institutions, large enterprises, SMEs and individual awards.

The Crystal Brussels was awarded for the first time in 2001. In the most recent edition the Crystal Brussels Prize 2018 was awarded to the best Polish scientists and entrepreneurs for their successes in Framework Programmes (5FP, 6FP, 7FP, Horizon 2020). The Crystal Brussels Prize 2018 was exceptional because summerised the last 20 years of Polish participation in Framework Programmes.

The Crystal Brussels Prize was awarded in various categories: research teams, enterprises, public administrations, non-profit organizations and individual scientist. The laureates were ranked based on statistical data concerning their participation in the Framework Programmes. The number of submitted and awarded proposals, the amount of funding and the number of coordinated projects were taken into account during selection.

The nominees of the individual award were selected from a group of people proposed by the scientific community. The criteria of selection included: active participation, coordination of projects, work in Programme Committees and expert groups, promotion of Framework Programmes and participation in initiatives that foster Polish participation in Framework Programmees.

The list of nominated organizations and people is prepared in line with rules prepared by the Polish NCP. Laureates are selected by the Competition Jury of the Crystal Brussels Award, which includes members of the public authorities, institutions that provide support to scientists and the industry. The Jury is appointed by Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

The award has been created to give credit to the Polish institutions that are active at the international level, but also to motivate other institutions to be more active in that field and to demonstrate the fact that participation in Framework Programmes is worthwhile.

More about the award and the winners (Polish language):