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The AGH University of Science and Technology is a beneficiary of the EIC Pilot

The AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków is among beneficiaries of the EIC Pilot. Univeristy is a partner in a project NanoCrystals in Fibre Lasers (NCLas). The European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot will support 38 innovative projects to develop new ideas towards radically new future technologies. In total, the projects will receive €124 [...]

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Cyberus Labs selected by European Commission to secure world of IoT

Cyberus Labs introduces ELIoT Pro (Easy & Lightweight IoT Protector) – a game-changing end-to-end cybersecurity solution dedicated to all IoT networks and devices and funded under SME Instrument in Horizon 2020 programme. ELIoT Pro is an extension of the existing Cyberus Labs’ user authentication system CYBERUS KEY that is the fundamental element for Human to [...]

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Flat-pack homes and profit-sharing retrofits are making sustainable housing affordable

Wealth-generating, flat-pack solar houses and a profit-sharing scheme that incentivises retrofitting are bringing sustainable living to people who would otherwise not be able to afford it. ‘One of the biggest problems that we see right now is (the creation of) a big gap between the lower and the middle classes. Everyone is talking about this [...]

  • irap

FNP: The International Research Agendas competition No. 8/2017 resolved

Studies on the complex mechanisms of brain plasticity and on electromagnetic radiation will be conducted in two new research centres that will be established using the funds granted under the International Research Agendas Programme (IRAP) competition, run by the Foundation for Polish Science (FNP). Both centres will be opened in Warsaw – one at the [...]

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Reconstructing a Bible to preserve a culture – Polish scientist’s project funded under ERC Starting Grant

Eastern European Karaims, the sole representatives of Karaite Judaism in Europe, are at risk of losing both their language and religious practice. Their native tongue is a severely endangered Turkic vernacular and merely a fraction of its surviving written heritage is currently being studied for preservation purposes. The Karaim religion is based solely on the [...]

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ERC invests in early career researchers – Polish scientists have been awarded Starting Grants

Why is the world so green? What can we eat to prevent dementia? Are our eyes really the windows to our personalities? 403 talented early career researchers have been awarded European Research Council grants to answer such questions. Four  awarded scientists are from Polish scientific entities: dr Magdalena Winiarska, Medical University of Warsaw dr Piotr [...]

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Crystal Brussels Awards 2018 handed to winners!

This year's Crystal Brussels Awards sum up the period of the last 20 years of Poland in the EU Framework Programmes for Research and Innovation, starting from the 5th Framework Programme, through the 6th and 7th Framework Programme, and finally ending with the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme. University of Warsaw (UW), Industrial Research Institute for [...]

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The EDU-ARCTIC project is encouraging students to pursue further education in science

The EDU-ARCTIC project is using the vast, intriguing and picturesque environment of the Arctic as a vehicle to strengthen science curricula, with the goal of encouraging students to pursue further education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Hundreds of institutions across Europe are participating in EDU-ARCTIC, providing students aged 13 to 20 with access [...]

  • eic-pilot

EIC Pilot: Polish SMEs among 242 innovative companies selected for funding under SME Instrument

A total of 242 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from 30 countries have been selected for funding under the latest round of the SME Instrument. The companies will receive a total amount of €12 million to share between their projects to get their innovations faster on the market. Examples of the projects selected include a [...]

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Looking at a future where aircraft de-icing is a thing of the past

Using nanotechnology, researchers create new aeroplane coatings that repel water and stop ice from forming. When ice accumulates on aircraft surfaces, it disrupts flight schedules and leaves passengers stranded in airports as they wait for their plane to be de-iced. Yet a more serious and potentially deadly consequence is its ability to severely impair the [...]