The University of Warsaw is a leading Polish university located in the capital of Poland, one of the most dynamically developing academic cities in Europe, holding high positions in international rankings. Warsaw is the centre of political and economic life and has a lively social and cultural scene. Among ca. 47.6 thousand students the University community includes 4,400 foreigners: students, doctoral students, employees and grantees of, among others, coming also under the Erasmus+ programme from Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Turkey and other European countries. The University employs 3,750 scholars whose scientific enquiry extends over 3,350 research topics; students who they concurrently teach have the opportunity of joining in their research projects, including the prestigious ERC grants. The University’s research teams have won worldwide recognition in many areas of knowledge and have joined international research programmes (with over 200 running projects/year). More about the University can be found HERE.

If you are an experienced researcher interested in your scientific career development by working @theUniversityofWarsaw apply for the Marie Sklodowska-Curie European Fellowship with the University of Warsaw by 14/09/2017!

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