Branbox is an acronym of the project which received over 2,2 million euro in Horizon 2020 programme – EIC SME Instrument – Phase 2. The project is curried out by Biotrem company.

The plastic’s invasion on our planet have become our every day’s life. The amount of plastics is immense and starts to play a significant role on World’s ecosystem. Most of the plastics are the packages. The problem has been addressed by some biodegradable solutions such as bioplastic, paper or even bamboo containers. However, they still need at least half a year to degrade. From the other side, there is also immense amount of wheat bran which is a side product of the milling industry. The only use of that bran is feed for animals, otherwise it becomes waste in a few weeks. Hence, its efficient disposal is problematic, and – in result – bran has very low market value.

Biotrem’s mission is to solve both the problems at the same time. We invented the proprietary technology which allows to use the wheat bran to make the containers. This project introduces water resistant and edible take-away food containers, which are biodegradable within 30 days – Branboxes. Currently, the major issue for the containers is the water resistance and biodegradability which is a great challenge to achieve at the same time in the single product. Bringing the product to the market at the small scale will not give the desired environmental results. Hence, project will introduce the scaled-up production (by licensing) and commercialization. The market for such biodegradable packaging is worth at the moment 11 billion euro and is quickly growing at the CAGR of 16%, and is going to reach 20 billion euro within next decade. The end-users (each of us) will benefit from the plastic-free environment. Our customers – distributors, food chains and packaging producers, and mills will benefit from the new business opportunities. Extensive distribution network will help to fully exploit opportunities to commercialize the Branbox. The prototype was already tested by big players on the market.