From 100 thousand to 2 million zlotys may receive institutions including scientific units and entities that popularise science in the new program “Dialogue” announced by the Ministry of Science. Its objectives include helping to build the relations between science and the socio-economic sphere.
Details of the new program were presented by the Minister of Science and Higher Education Jarosław Gowin and Deputy Minister Teresa Czerwińska. One of the main objectives of the program is to support efforts to build cooperation and lasting relations between actors in the field of science and the socio-economic sphere.
“Dialogue is something we need in Polish science and Polish social life. We believe that dialogue is also the key to a new relationship between the Ministry and academia” – Minister Jarosław Gowin said on Thursday. “Just like we want a dialogue with academia, we also want a dialogue within this community. There is also a third type of dialogue: between the scientific world and the society. The competition fills this gap. It is about showing the public the importance of science, the importance of universities” – science minister explained.
Institutions eligible to apply for funds in the program “Dialogue” include research units, institutions acting in support of science, as well as organizational units with legal personality and consortia. “A single grant, which can be obtained from the program ranges from 100 thousand to 2 million zlotys. These are serious, concrete funds for the implementation of ambitious plans” – Deputy Minister Teresa Czerwińska said on Thursday.
The program aims to support efforts to implement solutions which increase the quality and competitiveness of scientific research; stimulate innovation and create mechanisms for cooperation between science and business; strengthen the capacity and stimulate the development of humanities and social sciences.
Applications are received from Friday July 1st and considered on a quarterly basis; they can be submitted continuously. “A single entity may submit no more than two applications in a given calendar year, regardless of whether it applies individually or as a consortium” – explained Czerwińska.
“We would like both scientific units and entities disseminating science to work in the following mode: research, dissemination, implementation. Scientific research must be disseminated, its usefulness must be noticed and appreciated by the public, and should be implemented” – said Czerwińska.
The program includes financing of activities in three areas: “scientific excellence”, “science for innovation”, “humanities for development”. “We need science at the highest level. In the era of globalisation only such science has a chance to break through. Polish scientists have more and more such achievements” – Jarosław Gowin said on Thursday. He also emphasised the place the humanities have in the new program .”The humanities create not only the foundations of national culture, social identity, but also a whole range of social applications” – said Gowin.
In total, the Ministry of Science will allocate 80 million zlotys to the program. The program is scheduled to continue until June 2019.

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